Diva's  Niche

Printed Hosiery

Using a proprietary technique developed in the quest for inventive imagery I am able to instill actual echoes of botanicals and lace and other morsels of interest onto hosiery. The result is a wearable that is joyful and eclectic. Printed on man-made fibres with specific dyes these are completely colour and light fast.

Eco Imprints

Natural leaf and flower impressions on natural fibres. A holistic approach to dyeing fabric. Images have a pallette and depth only achievable by the use of natural dyes and centuries old techniques. The results are somewhat fugitive and like the ever changing season the images will fade and patina like the leaves that fall in the autumn.

tracing nature's signature on cloth

I remember.........

When I was five I had a red corduroy jumper. Made by my mother, cut down from someones old coat. I loved the bold rich colour and would touch the ridges and be mesmerized by the texture. I loved that jumper, I lived in it and my mother had to wrestle it off me to launder it. In that jumper I was a princess, a pirate and a fireman. I was fearless and invincible. Every garment since then has been pale in comparison......until I began to create wearable textiles that drew me in with colour and design.Labouring to achieve an intensity of colour and image that conjures up remembrances of that beloved jumper I have fabricated a collection of personal textiles intended to imbue the wearer with joy and daring.

Rebecca Fisher

an elemental textile artist